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Touch that HealsRestoring Balance & Natural Health

Touch that Heals

A Reiki treatment is more relaxing than a massage.

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Restoring Balance & Natural Health

The Reiki energy enhances the body's natural healing ability

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What I do complements the efforts of health care practitioners by reducing stress, expanding belief, and giving you the tools that will assist in developing a healthy lifestyle.  The journey to wellness is unique to each person – my task is to assist in the process.

IMG-20151117-WA0006Over 40 years ago the Dean of Harvard University medical school was asked the question:  With the thousands of diseases that exist in the world, how can a person ever be well?  And he responded:  Knowing what I know about the body’s ability to heal itself, I’m amazed that a person can ever be ILL!

My goal is to work with you to discover which path to wellness is most appropriate for you.  I assist in finding the ways that will assist you to be empowered to assume responsibility to make healthy choices; decisions that will result in a physical body that produces an environment where healing can occur and where wellness can be experienced.  Reiki treatments will aid you in that discovery!

I also teach Reiki classes so that people can learn to treat themselves, their family and their friends.  These classes can be held any time that two, or more individuals desire to take one.