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two_person_treatmentReiki is a “folk healing art” that provides a way that you can find healing for yourself, your family and your friends.  As the Reiki energy has evolved in the Western world, three levels of training are available.  To embark on each level, a student must be initiated by a Reiki Master.  And each “degree” is simply a gift that you give yourself – a deeper opportunity to discover yourself!  The levels are:

  • First Degree (Shoden) learn to treat yourself and others.
  • Second Degree (Okuden) – learn the sacred symbols used in Reiki for healing.
  • Third Degree (Shinpiden) – learn to teach Reiki and allow it to guide your life

reiki_treatmentAll the training in Reiki is centered on five precepts that were first presented by Mikao Usui.  One translation (from James Deacon’s website) of these precepts reads:

  • Do not rise to anger
  • Do not succumb to worry
  • Express Gratitude for all your blessings
  • Apply yourself diligently
  • Manifest compassion to all beings

First degree classes are taught in the Saint John area whenever two or more individuals are interested in taking a class.  Advanced training is also available for those individuals that have First Degree.

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