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Zero Point Field

cid_019d01c4dae0a9025b900300a8c0mystxReiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki energy is said to come from the Source of all creation. This Source is said to be the vital force that sustains the cosmos and infuses us with light and life, providing the energy source from which our bodies, and all forms of matter, arise.

People sometimes ask, could Reiki energy be an illusion? Could benefits come from a placebo effect?  What is the scientific basis for such an energy to exist? Is this Universal Life Force Energy a metaphysical construct, a symbol, a myth?

On the contrary, we should ask ourselves if our common perceptions of reality create illusions. Perhaps our bodies and our egos are an illusion.

Perhaps energy is the fundamental nature of reality, the basic building block of everything in the perceptible Universe. If we could see the energy exchanges going on around us, we might live very different lives.

Still, it’s hard to imagine a Reiki practitioner tuning in to a source of limitless energy and then using their intuition and intent to direct the energy therapeutically in an Eighteenth Century Newtonian Universe – the Universe of Physics 101, where atoms are modeled by billiard balls and it is assumed that every action and reaction under the Sun can be reduced to a series of neat diagrams and elegant mathematical equations.

Classical Newtonian physics assumes that the cosmos is composed primarily of emptiness – the vacuum of space, devoid of matter and energy. In the classical model the Universe is composed mainly of dead and death dealing space.

Classical physics also assumes that objects within this radically empty space are composed at the most basic level of matter, which has mass, and because of this intrinsic mass, matter tends to remain still or to remain in motion once moving. This is called the law of inertia.

These old scientific paradigms are being challenged by new discoveries and ancient wisdom that go a long way to explain what Reiki energy is, what the source of Reiki energy is, and how Reiki works.

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