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One of 13 hand positions

Typically, a Reiki treatment is done “hands-on” with a series of set hand positions that a practitioner will use, covering the head, torso and back of the client.  The individual receiving the treatment is fully clothed and usually is lying down on a Reiki table.  Treatments will last from 30 to 60 minutes.

In his practice, Mikao Usui typically would treat the head and neck with the patient seated, and then would treat additional areas of the body as he sensed the need.  A standard set of hand positions was later developed, and is the basis for the typical Reiki treatment in the western world, with the patient lying down.  The standard hand positions are on the head, the torso, and the back.  As a trained intuitive practitioner, I will follow a standard set of hand positions, and add additional positions as appropriate.  The client is always fully clothed during the treatment.

The following benefits are often experienced during a Reiki treatment:  Increase Awareness, Balances Energy, Increases Creativity, Releases Emotion, Releases Stress, Works on Cause of Disease, Amplifies Energy and Healing (Wholing)